DUPES Stature and education achivement

Spending nearly 33 years of growing and developing, DUPES has educated and co-educated more than 7000 regular and in-service sports cadres and teaching associates at university, college and lower levels.

- Co-organizing in training and standardizing hundreds of sports cadres in Danang City, in the Central- High Land and around the countries of Vietnam as well.

- The education quality is always stable in high measure, having some developments and innovating actively to reach the needs of the sports profession and society.

- DUPES today has a size of education of nearly 2500 regular and in-service students at university and college levels in the field of Physical Education and enlarging its scale with some new professional branches such as Sports Training, Sports Management, Sports Medicine, etc.,

- DUPES has been awarded The Labor Medal of the 3rd Rank in 1997 and the 2nd Rank in 2007. Many Certificates of Merit were awarded to the University individually and collectively by the President of the State, the Prime Minister, Ministries, and Danang City.